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Enjaii, as literally translated ‘enjoy’, conveys a feeling of well-being, joy and ecstasy, so characteristic of the Ivorian people. Enjaii comes from the word “enjaillement”, a concept and lifestyle invented in Ivory Coast in the 1980s  that invites people to enjoy life regardless of social or financial status  nor circumstances because the most important thing is inner happiness. The concept became so popular in Ivory Coast that ‘enjaillement’ recenty entered the French dictionary and Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast was baptized “ Abidjan la joie” meaning, Abidjan the capital of joy.

Enjaii as a brand represents this concept and wish to spread the Ivorian happiness and love in the Nordic countries and around the world,  and contribute to make the world a better place to be.


Our mission is to introduce the Ivory Coast unique enjaillement universe with Ivorian inspired quality tasty treats, delicious refreshments that are typical of celebration moments, as well as social events.  We care about your wellbeing , therefore our ultimate goal to make you enjoy yourself ,have fun and relax -  alone or together with your love ones.


Our vision is to introduce the Ivorian gastronomy made with quality products to the Nordic countries, and give the consumer a sense of well-being. Doing so we also aim at creating sustainable development in West Africa  by sourcing our ingredients fairly from local farmers, supporting entrepreneurship and agribusiness among women and young people, and thus contribute to fighting youth unemployment and poverty.

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