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Ginger Power



Handcrafted drinks and innovative recipes with a celebratory feel

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With a celebratory feel

Our drinks are  100 % made from organic ingredients without chemical fertilizers. We do not use any synthetic preservatives, additives or  any GMO-sourced nor animal ingredients.

We contribute in making positive social change in the world by not only sourcing our ingredients fairly, but also supporting impactful projects.  

100% Organic
And sustainable

Hands are at the heart of the brewing process to preserve the ethnic traditional craftmanship and ensure to give our customers an authentic and balanced  taste.

Freshness and quality is our first priority,  therefore we use fresh ingredients to give our customers a first class experience.

With fresh ingredients

Made with fresh fruits and leaves, and filled with sparkling to create a more complex and layered flavor profile. Enjaii drinks have the celebratory and cordiality feel of a bottle of bubbly without the booze. Tasty enough to be drunk solo, they pair quite nicely with food. Perfect to enjoy it with a gourmet cuisine or stay booze free at a party.

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