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The Enjaii Factor

" Enjaii, as literally translated ‘enjoy’, conveys a feeling of well-being, joy and ecstasy, so characteristic of the Ivorian people. Enjaii comes from the word “enjaillement”, a concept and lifestyle invented in Ivory Coast in the 1980s  that invites people to enjoy life regardless of social or financial status  nor circumstances because the most important thing is inner happiness. The concept became so popular in Ivory Coast that ‘enjaillement’ recenty entered the French dictionary and Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast was baptized “ Abidjan la joie” meaning, Abidjan the capital of joy.

Enjaii as a brand embodies this lifestyle and wishes to spread Enjaii factor around the world."

Sara Kobli - Founder


Enjaii wish to revolutionize the soda industry with clean and innovative drinks with a celebratory feel.  We are passionate about crafting unique and quality drinks that not only taste wonderful, but also make you feel great. We are dedicated to using the finest and freshest ingredients to create unique flavors that delight your taste buds. Our drinks are suitable for all occasions and pair well with food. So, whether you are looking for a refreshing drink to quench your thirst, a tasty drink for a party, or a amazing treat for dinning, Enjaii has got you covered. 




We places people’s wellbeing at the heart of our design process with a special attention to celebration moments. Therefore we meticulously craft our products always looking for quality and beauty in the details.

We make sure they taste wonderful, give a pleasant feeling.

forward coziness, pleasure, relaxation and fun, and ultimately convey joy and call for celebration.


We believe that good sodas should be made with nothing but natural ingredients and crafting the perfect soda requires the right mix of creativity, expertise, and care. That is why we exclusively use natural ingredients for all our products. Our product range is free from artificial additives or preservatives, and we are committed to offer our customers a healthier and more natural alternative to traditional sodas.


At Enjaii, we are committed to revolutionizing the soda industry with innovative recipes and unique flavor combinations that will excite your palate. Our sodas are crafted with the same attention and dedication that you would find at a wine or beer tasting. We believe that soda should be enjoyed as an elevated beverage, and we’re creating a new way for people to experience soda in a more sophisticated and enjoyable way.





We ensure that our drinks are made of at least  90 % organic ingredients. We do not use any synthetic preservatives, additives or  any GMO-sourced nor animal ingredients.




We work with partners that ensure that our ingredients are sourced in an ethical and sustainable way, setting the well-being of farmers and the impact on the environment and local communities as a priority in the procurement process.



We care for the planet and the environment. That's why we've adopted sustainable inventory management practices to avoid over production, reduce waste in our production process, and use only the ingredients we need. 

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